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Observation Room CCTV for Oxleas NHS Trust

AIS were commissioned to install an interview room CCTV system for one of the Oxleas NHS Trust evaluation / observation suits.  The suit comprised of a treatment / evaluation room and an observation room.  This interview room CCTV system allows patients to be carefully observed from one room whilst receiving treatment in another. 

The system needed to record super HD footage from every angle whilst at the same time recording every sound in the room.  In addition to this, there was a requirement for the staff in the observation room to have the ability to communicate with staff in the treatment room.  All video footage and audio had to be recorded and then downloaded at the end of the session.

AIS attended the site, carried out a technical survey and completed a risk assessment & method statement.

Based on our survey and the customer requirements, we installed the following equipment:

1 x 4 channel NVR with 1TB of data storage
4 x 4MP IP cameras 4 x Condenser microphones
1 x 24” monitor with audio
1 x Amplifier
1 x Public address microphone
1 x Ceiling speaker
1 x Data lockable cabinet  

The chosen 2.8mm cameras have a wide dynamic range, which provide excellent image performance across a variety of different lighting conditions.  These cameras record at approximately double HD quality and provide high levels of image detail even when zoomed in.  Using a mouse, the operator in the observation room, is able to simply select an area of the picture to expand.

AIS positioned the 4 cameras, placing one in each corner of the room.  This gave full coverage of the room, eliminating any “blind spots” and ensuring that nothing is missed.  The digital zoom feature can be used in “live” mode and also in “playback” mode.

The system includes a small public address system, made up of an amplifier, a ceiling mounted speaker and a microphone with a talk button (to avoid unwanted transmission between rooms).

The client is very happy with the system and the quality of the recordings.  As a result of this, AIS has been commissioned to install a further 3 identical systems at the same site.

Shortly after the initial installation, AIS were invited back to expand the system to 54 cameras.

In addition to this, AIS have now installaed a "state of the art" Biometric access control system which controls and monitors the movement of both Teachers and Pupils in key areas of the campus.  Doors are now opened using a sophisticated fingerprint recognition system and or door entry fobs.

AIS continue to support and maintain the system under an annual CCTV maintenance contract.

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