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HD CCTV Installation for WYE Cylinder in Hereford

Having submitted a detailed plan, estimate, Risk Assessment and a number of references, AIS were awarded the contract to supply and install a multi-building HD CCTV system at the Wye Cylinder Engineering facility on Rotherwas Industrial Estate in Hereford.

The installation comprised of:

1 x 16 Channel NVR with 6TB of data storage 2 x 8 Channel NVR with 4TB of data storage 18 x 3MP cameras with 30M IR, 5 x 4MP cameras with 30M IR 3 x data cabinet, 4 x 450 Mbps wireless bridges 1 x cable infrastructure Patch panels Installation & training

The site is made up of 3 factory buildings located on both sides of Netherwood Road. The installation was broken down into 3 zones (1 zone per building).  Each zone consists of a network video recorder with a built in POE switch and a number of cameras.  In this instance, due to the layout of the site and the public road between the buildings, it was not possible to hardwire the systems together.  In order to achieve a single cohesive CCTV system, AIS installed a series of 450 Mbps wireless bridges between the buildings.  This enabled the 3 standalone CCTV systems, to act as a single system.  By creating a wireless network between the buildings, it had the added bonus of allowing a number of key services to be shared (telephone system, computer network, broadband etc).

The static cameras used in this installation are 18 x 3MP cameras and 5 x 4MP cameras (all with wide dynamic range), which provide excellent performance across a variety of different lighting conditions.  The cameras have inbuilt IR and can see in the dark for 30M.

The system was successfully installed on time and without issue.

AIS continue to support and maintain the system under an annual maintenance contract.

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